Leading the firm Perceptive-Regulatory Consulting, Robert Gadimian has a background in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs spanning a quarter-century. He engages with a wide range of drug industry clients in fulfilling FDA and international authority requirements in the product approval process. Robert Gadimian has experience meeting the needs of big pharma and small biotech companies alike as they confront complex regulatory issues.

Also leading Rophe Pharma, Mr. Gadimian has a patent pending for an innovative eyebrow and hair growth product. He is also applying for a patent covering novel compounds that treat diseases such as cystic fibrosis and arthritis. He is currently focused on raising venture capital to fund these and other Rophe Pharma pipeline drugs with transformative market potential.

Over a three-year period, he informed global clinical studies and provided guidance in areas such as study design, protocol review, and overall strategy. Robert Gadimian has also held similar roles with companies such as Abraxis BioScience and Abbott Laboratories, where he navigated evolving regulatory landscapes.